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Laird Performance Materials (LPM) designs and manufactures solutions for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), thermal management, and signal integrity that provide vital protection for a wide range of electronic devices. This protection allows them to function and connect effectively, whether for voice or visual communication or for high quality data storage and transmission.

Markets served include: IT, Telecom, consumer electronics, medical electronics and systems, military/aerospace, industrial and instrumentation, and automotive/transportation

EMI Solutions  

Electronic devices give off electromagnetic emissions as a by-product of electrical or magnetic activity and such emissions can interfere with the operation of other devices.

Laird Technologies’ EMI product solutions provide shielding and minimize crosstalk and EMI susceptibility. Our extensive product portfolio includes board-level shields (BLS), electrically conductive elastomers (ECE), vent panels, microwave absorbers, Electronit™ wire mesh, as well as Fabric-over-Foam (FoF), Form-in-Place (FiP), and Fingerstock shielding gaskets.

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Thermal Management Materials and Systems  

Electronic applications generate heat that can adversely affect a device’s performance. Laird Technologies’ thermal solutions are engineered to increase overall heat transfer so electronic components operate much cooler.

Our active and passive heat removal and temperature control products include gap fillers, phase-change materials, thermally-conductive circuit boards, thermoelectric modules (TEMs), as well as thermal assemblies (TEAs) integrating our thermal solutions with complete electrical and mechanical systems or subsystems to deliver bolt-on performance.

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Signal Integrity Products  

Laird Technologies’ ferrite-based product family preserve signal integrity by removing or filtering ‘noise’ generated by active components such as oscillators and microprocessors, as well as EMI escaping from any electronic product through DC power lines. Products include standard and custom board-level EMI solutions, ferrite cable cores, and small ferrite inductor toroids.

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Board-Level Shielding Products  

Board-level shields provide isolation of electronic components to minimize crosstalk and susceptibility to electromagnetic interference. As the world leader in BLS products, Laird Technologies provide innovative solutions to the handset industry enabling maximum performance and reliability in ever small for factors.

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