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Meeting the Diverse Needs of a Constantly Changing Industry

The evolution of computing and networking equipment has seen dramatically increased processor power, data rates, connectivity, display size and quality -- all of which increase potential EMI and thermal issues, as well as the need for robust RF (radio frequency) solutions.

Laird is a leading provider of EMI solutions for computers and networking equipment, including providing Fabric-over-Foam (FoF) gasket solutions for displays, system housings, cabinets and many other shielding or grounding needs.  We also design custom board-level shielding (BLS) and ground contact parts for main boards, peripheral boards, and wireless cards, as well as routers, gateways, and access points.

By providing our full range of additional EMI solutions, we help customers solve difficult problems such as using absorber sheets to suppress EMI from high-frequency chipsets in computers and wireless devices.  In addition to shielding solutions, Laird makes board-level and cable core ferrite components to solve conducted and coupled EMI issues at their source, including ferrite chip beads for processor signal and data lines, inductors for I/O connectors, and custom cable cores for power and data cables in PCs, printers, and other peripheral and accessory devices.

Our leadership in thermal solutions for computing, especially notebook PCs and servers, is well known throughout the industry.  Lairds produces some of the world’s best performing thermal solutions, such as phase-change thermal interface materials (TIMs) for the most powerful PC processors.

As IT infrastructure becomes increasingly dependent on wireless (WLAN) networking, Laird has been the world-leader in high-performance antenna solutions for access points and client devices, offering both externally attached and embedded solutions often customized for OEM equipment customers.  We also remain at the leading-edge of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) emergence, providing best-in-class antennas for readers used in warehouses, conveyors, forklifts and many other applications.

Laird provides world-leading solutions for your critical IT, computing, and networking applications.

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