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Wireless M2M Solutions Remove the Need for Cables

Laird offers the widest range of high-performance wireless modules including Bluetooth®, 802.11 (WiFi) and proprietary wireless standards that are incorporated into Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications and systems.  Laird has helped customers in a range of vertical markets wirelessly enable their products.  Applications range from telematics and asset tracking, home-health care, and ePOS, industrial, energy management, as well as many others.

Using industry-leading chipsets, we incorporate RF functionality, efficient protocol stacks, and provide development tools to provide wireless solutions that are easy to use and deliver leading-edge performance.  Whatever your wireless requirements, Laird is the global partner who can give your products state-of-the-art wireless connectivity.

Laird's range of Bluetooth Intelligent Serial Modules provide the most robust, high-performance, and fastest route to embedding Bluetooth into product design.  Modules are available for data and multimedia applications with comprehensive AT commands for easy integration.

Laird's WiFi modules create the benchmark for embedded wireless LAN solutions, requiring no host processor and adding truly intelligent wireless capability to any application.

We also provide one of the most established ranges of proprietary RF modules, covering the 868MHz, 910MHz, and 2.4GHz ISM bands.  These modules are used for high-reliability applications where performance is critical.

Whether you are attempting to wirelessly enable health monitors, factory equipment, vending machines, commercial fleets or remote facilities, Laird has the solution for you.

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