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Industry Pioneer with Outstanding Antenna Experience

An industry pioneer since the early 1990s, Laird Technologies is the global leader in the design and manufacture of mobile device antennas. The company has developed over 2,000 various antenna designs and has supplied more than two billion cellular device and mobile device antennas around the world. Industry-leading, high-capacity manufacturing operations regularly surpass one million shipments of fully-qualified mobile antennas per day.

Laird Technologies demonstrates outstanding competence in the design of antennas for mass production. We have well developed internal processes for supporting our design for manufacturing, design for assembly and most importantly, design for quality. Our standardized, yet customized mass production facilities produce antennas of the highest quality. Contributing to peace of mind, these antennas are stringently tested with our in-line, state-of-the-art test facilities.

The company’s highly experienced, global customer project teams offer all types of antenna solutions, including customized product development suitable for large-scale production delivered through a comprehensive logistics system at competitive landed costs.

With more than 500 antenna patents issued and over 300 patents pending, Laird Technologies draws on a powerful intellectual property portfolio to deliver precisely-configured device antenna and mobile device solutions to its customers.

The company utilizes only the best high-tech R&D equipment and software including multiple Satimo near field chambers at our design locations as well as Dasy-4 and Dasy-5 SAR systems, and a range of mechanical and environmental test equipment. Design is carried out by using CAD software such as CATIA, SolidWorks, and Pro-E. With experienced engineers worldwide, Laird Technologies maintains state-of-the-art research facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The company serves its global customers with local support. Design centers are located throughout the world in the USA, Sweden, China, Malaysia, Korea and Taiwan; with antenna manufacturing facilities concentrated in China and India. These locations place us close to our customers, with excellently run facilities employing in-house processes for cost competitiveness. Customers include the world’s major device manufacturers, as well as OEMs/ODMs, contract manufacturers and design houses.

Laird Technologies invests heavily in R&D; both for conceptual research and for the design of customer specific projects. Our research group works closely with our customer projects groups to ensure that newly development products meet customer expectations. Committed to bringing functional new technology to our customers, we concurrently work with RF, mechanical design, and production methods in order to reduce size and cost, thereby providing the best antennas for mobile devices.

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3D Antennas

3D Antennas

Leveraging its experience in the design and manufacture of mobile device antennas, Laird is able to meet the requirements of smaller form factors and slimmer profiles from today’s 3D antennas. …


External Antennas(2)

External Antennas

Today’s work and lifestyles require communication at anytime, anywhere; whether on the move or sitting still. Laird Technologies’ practical and rugged external wireless device antennas are designed to fit into the portable devices used in office, industrial, and home environments.
With patented design and manufacturing technology, Laird Technologies offers reliable and robust product lines …


Internal Antennas

Internal Antennas

While the evolution of technology has brought about the ability to communicate everywhere and at all times without confinement to one space, it also presents many challenges. Laird Technologies provides numerous solutions to these challenges for easy communication.


Mechanical Antennas

Mechanically Integrated Antennas

Mechanically Integrated Antennas (MIA) incorporate the integration of the antenna with the structural mechanics.
At this level of integration, the smallest possible device volume can be achieved by tightly adapting antenna integration to industrial design of mobile devices and combining this with the integration of other electrical or electromechanical …


Near Field

NFC Antennas

The area of Near Field Communications (NFC) is growing rapidly and will feature in a majority of mobile devices in the coming years. Scenarios where the mobile device will be used to interact with systems, terminals or products is no longer a future vision; it is being implemented right now. Laird has developed the Naera™ concept, which represents …


Smart Antennas

Smart Antennas

While antennas have historically been defined by physical laws and dimensions linked to wavelengths, Laird Technologies meets the increased demand for miniaturization and higher performance.


Visually Intergrated

Visually Integrated Antennas

As antennas are integrated beyond conventional structural mechanics, the next step is to have antennas within the visual parts of a mobile device, or even utilize the visual structure as antenna. This is referred to as a Visually Integrated Antenna (VIA).


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