Delivering Superior Performance in Smaller Volume

Laird Technologies' Activv™ Antenna is a miniature internal FM antenna solution providing superior performance that is embedded directly inside a device. This state-of-the-art antenna solution provides the combination of impedance matching and signal amplification capabilities improving the performance of the entire system.

By combining semiconductors and filter structures with antenna technology, Laird Technologies’ smart antennas deliver outstanding high-performance in smaller volume. This is highly valued by mobile device manufacturers not only because it covers aspects of design, test, and manufacturing, but because it also includes validated functionality for leading FM receiver companies.

Some qualities include improved sensitivity of 5 dB over competitive antennas, enabling the antenna to perform well in close proximity of the body as well as in "free space" improving the performance of the total system.

The reduced size of 25 percent over competitor antennas allows Activv™ to fit into smaller applications.

The Activv™ solution has further been expanded to include Activv™ Combo, a solution which integrates the internal FM antenna with complementary antennas such as Bluetooth®, WLAN, and GPS. This enables re-use of the radiator and contributes both to saved space in the device as well as improved performance.

Laird Technologies’ latest development in the Activv™ family is Activv™ ARx. This solution takes the impedance matching and signal amplification capabilities of the Activv™ concept and applies it to GPS, offering vastly improved GPS performance compared to passive systems and “FM for free” in already active GPS systems.

Laird Technologies are also heavily involved in antenna solutions for LTE/MIMO, which features new innovative concepts.

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