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Product Information

ct24 Mini | LRC-L1 | LRC-M1 | SCU-32 | CattronControl | Remtron Brand 


ct24 Mini
ct24 mini 60x60 

Proven transmitter unit with high quality joysticks and state-of-the-art dual-processor technology.


LRC L1 60x60 

Highly versatile transmitter unit for cranes, lifting equipment and machines.



CattronControl™ Joystick style transmitter


SCU32 60x60 

Radio remote control transmitter unit ideally suited for machine control panels.



Lever Style controller.


Remtron Brand

Lever Style controller


Product Information 


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Lever and Joystick Controller

AtlasLaird Technologies lever and joystick style controllers are designed to give you total control of your equipment in any environment. Our lever and joystick controllers are built with world class quality and cutting edge technology to withstand the harsh environments of your application.

Contact Laird Technologies today for your complete application solutions. 

The following are a few of the many solutions provided by Laird Technologies.  

  • Aerospace Manufacturing Mining and Smelting
  • Swine Production
  • Mailing and Sorting Equipment Control
  • Tractor Operation
  • Paper Production
  • Amusement Ride Safety Stop
  • Ride Control
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Petroleum Production
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Tuggers Safety Stop
  • Safety Explosive/Flammable Environments
  • Construction Power and Gas Utilities
  • Paving Equipment
  • Truck Equipment Control
  • Soil Compaction Control
  • Gantry Crane Control
  • Concrete Pump Control
  • Vacuum Truck Control
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Manufacturing
  • Mobile Crane Control
  • Conveyor Safety Stop
  • Metal Manufacturing